In 2011, I was honored to be Bermuda’s Writer in Residence. For three weeks, I coached talented writers in Bermuda on developing their work for children and young adults.

My Workshops included instruction on:
  • developing strong, transformative characters
  • shaping a satisfying story structure
  • hooking readers from page one
  • writing pitch-perfect dialogue
  • showing emotions versus telling them
  • digging deep to write from the heart
  • deconstructing so-called “taboo” topics in the YA market
  • using culture and traditions to illuminate a story

I also held a Workshop on How To Get a Children’s Book Published. This Workshop addressed the mechanics of publishing:

  • formatting a manuscript to submit for consideration
  • understanding a book contract & an author’s rights
  • editing and revising multiple drafts of a manuscript
  • self-publishing via ebooks & the digital publishing industry
  • self-marketing (web site, blogs, videos, book tours)
  • querying editors and agents
  • finding the right publisher
  • disciplining oneself to find time to write regularly
  • learning how illustrators are chosen for picture books

“This was the first workshop I’ve ever participated in and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Certainly the experience was so rewarding because we had such a fabulous instructor!”

Trudy Snaith, Author and Creator of Bermudian Girl

“I cannot begin to tell you how inspiring you are for me. I am still in awe from the whole workshop experience. I think the others in the group had so much to offer that there was no other choice but to sponge up the creative juices that were flowing. I know I still have a lot to learn, but you and this whole experience have given me a new confidence in my abilities as a writer.”

Lisa Brewster, Writer/Teacher

“I enjoyed your workshop in Bermuda. You are a terrific teacher and I am working
on my novel, enjoying being immersed in my main character. You are indeed
gifted both as a teacher and a writer.”

F. Maxwell, Author of The Spirit Baby & other Bermudian Folktales

“I can really say your time here in Bermuda was transformational --
I feel like a different person. I'm really inspired and recharged... a million thanks, truly.”

Kim Dismont Robinson, Poet/Playwright/Folklife Officer
for Bermuda’s Dept. of Community & Cultural Affairs

With 25 years of book publishing experience in the children’s and young adult market,
I have put together Seminars and Workshops to help writers develop their manuscripts
for publication in this genre.

Two-Hour Seminar:
Ideal for a Writers conference. I discuss writing for the children’s market with an emphasis
on weaving a timeless tale using one’s heritage and cultural traditions for a global audience.

One-Day Seminar:
An intensive 7 hour seminar that focuses on character development, story structure,
and realistic dialogue to create a publishable children’s or young adult manuscript.

Two-Day Seminars:
Two days immersed in creating a children’s or YA novel focusing on story structure, inner voice, plot, scenes, and dialogue. Emphasis on creating a strong story arc and moving story forward with narrative interest.

Three Week Workshops:
These workshops are tailored to fit the needs of the particular writers so that everyone
has a story ready to submit for publication at the end of the workshop. I also meet
individually with each writer to address specific issues to that writer.

Public Readings:
I am always happy to meet readers and participate in public performances
and readings for schools, libraries or other organizations. Please see Author Visits.

Please contact me for further information on the Workshops.

Lynn Joseph | Trinidadian Author of Children's and Young Adult Novels
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